Process Outsourcing … Unlimited

Business Solutions Services:

Business processes form the core of an organization’s operations and determines the organization’s year on year cost and efficiency. To stay competitive and relevant, business processes must be efficient, effective, agile, and align to the organization’s mission, vision and strategic objectives. Process improvement is the key initiative that ensures organizations have the capacity and capability to create higher business value.

Business Process Improvement Consulting:

SolexPLUS helps customers to improve the overall performance of the organizations and address key business challenges. We review, analyze and streamline or re-engineer key business processes, and adopt a process-oriented view to help customers identify ways to improve key business processes through the use of Services.

We offer a wide range of process improvement solutions based on industry best practices under the following 5 services:

  • Process Capability Development – We help customers to assess their process capability development needs, develop a capability development plan and conduct experiential learning workshop to equip the participants with basic Process Re-engineering for Value (PRV) skills.
  • Process Review – We help customers review existing business processes for alignment to their organization’s strategic objectives as well as highlighting areas for further streamlining to increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer agility

  • Process Improvement – In the assessment of current processes, we help customers to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvements based on Six Sigma Practices and define the relevant “to-be” processes for improving overall business performance and value.

  • Process Management – We help customers manage their processes by tracking the level of process compliance, monitor its results versus pre-determined targets and make adjustments to improve performance.

  • Process Re-engineering – We help customers achieve critical breakthrough in performance through radical re-engineering of the key processes. The impact of the re-engineered processes to other organization components such as existing policies and procedures.

At SolexPLUS, we believe that in the increasingly competitive landscape of Saudi Arabia, professional process outsourcing delivery will be the key to customer attraction, conversion, satisfaction, retention, and growth. SolexPLUS is setup to address the ever-growing demand of Business Process Outsourcing in the region.