Process Outsourcing … Unlimited

We believe that technology is an inevitable part in delivering success and we bring the latest global trend in telephony and connectivity to our region. Below are some of the platforms used in SolexPLUS.

CISCO/ Network: The Cisco Network Systems establishes the foundation for our services and applications. Cisco switches, routers, and software together, create an inherently integrated intelligent network to adapt for our client’s current and future business needs.

Microsoft / System Software: Our environment relies on proven Windows Server 2003 family of products and Sharepoint Services that help make our network a strategic asset for our organization.

Verint / Quality Monitoring System: We provide clients with the flexibility of Verint software and services that enables us to improve how we deliver customer service and support the underlying back-office processes that impact the customer experience.

Nortel /Telephony System: We offer clients the power of Meridian 1 Option 81C that features digital and IP phones, traditional and unified messaging, IP gateways, call centers, PC-based call management, 802.11 Wireless Communications and intelligent remote solutions.

Aspect / Work Force Management System: Aspect Software unified communications products helps manage and optimize both contact center agent performance and customer-company interaction.

Telecommunication Infrastructure: Active E1s provide excellent connectivity to telecommunication company(ies). The infrastructure is scalable to handle the current and future customer requirements.

IT Support Workforce: The IT department office hours will be from 08.00 to17.00. However, being a 24 x 7 service provider, the IT Engineers and technicians are available on call 24 x 7.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Tools: SolexPLUS normally uses the CRM application provided by the client. However, we are free to discuss the option of developing a customized application for the client. SolexPLUS uses Nortel ACD system for call management commonly named as Call Center Management System (CCMS). CCMS is capable of integrating with compatible CRM through CTI application where customer information can be pulled in the call taking process.

Reporting: SolexPLUS works in Nortel ACD system which provides comprehensive performance reports at process level and also at agent level. The reports includes but not limited to:

  • Plotting of call arrival pattern on a half-hourly interval basis,
  • Daily, weekly and monthly agent performance reports,
  • Call center dashboards depicting service level and call trends, and
  • The periodicity of the reports is daily, weekly, monthly and also ad-hoc.