Process Outsourcing … Unlimited

It’s tough out there! In today’s world, virtually all products and services face merciless competition from nearly identical products and services. Built a better mousetrap? By three ‘o clock this afternoon, all your competitors will have matched it and some already will have improved upon it! So how do you get your organization and your employees to truly stand out from so many look alike-and quite competent-competitors?

The solution is not just service but Great Service that you provide to your customers. Nevertheless who will provide this GREAT SERVICE? Are your employees well trained and know what it takes to constantly pursue excellence?

We believe that the only sustainable competitive advantage a firm has, lies in its relationships with its customers. These relationships are the firm’s largest and most important asset. Period.


Train & Gain
CoachPLUS provides training programs to cater for professionals at all levels, from the front lines to the executive offices. CoachPLUS incorporates training programs that are down-to-earth and practical, it gives managers, supervisors, and other workers things that they can do tomorrow-no, today-to stop the brain drain.

Our hands-on approach ensures the training curriculum is unique to your company and meets the goals and allowing us to mimic your culture and environment to deliver the highest level of customer service on your behalf.


CoachPLUS includes:
Mastering Customer Service – A training program designed especially for Customer Service Representatives.
Mastering Tele Sales – A training program to nurture selling skills among contact center staff.
Mastering Email & Web Communication – A training program concentrating on written communication for attending to today’s versatile customer base.

Super & Wiser – A training program specific to supervisors and team leaders.

And CoachPLUS makes learning better with:

  • Role Plays
  • Listening exercises
  • Customer Service and Sales games
  • Group Discussions
  • MOC Calls

Please contact our sales team to know more about CoachPLUS and find out how it can be of benefit to you.